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May 1 to May 3, 2019

Miami, Florida

Visit http://www.jigenryuflorida.com/ for more information.


October 19th and 20th, 2019

Hosted by the Seiryukan Dojo and Koshinkan Dojo/American Kempo Karate Assoc. and NC headquarters for Tenshinsho Jigen Ryu & Matthews Martial Systems

Come study a true Samurai system which dates back to the early 1500’s. Learn Iaijutsu and Kenjutsu from the system’s Headmaster, Ueno Kagenori, and Soke Tamon Takahashi. This opportunity does not come often to this part of the United States. 

Find other schools for Tenshinsho Jigen Ryu here: https://www.tjrseibukan.org/tenshinsho-jigen-ryu-schools/

Where: Oakdale Elementary gym
Cost: $125.00
Contact David Dufresne 704-622-0002

Soke/Shihan Ray Ferrell at 704-393-1077

Seminar Address:
Oakdale Elementary School (Gymnasium)
1825 Oakdale Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28216

Demonstrating Traditional Japanese Swordsmanship

September 14, 2019

Members of the Tenshinsho Jigen Ryu Seibukan demonstrated traditional Japanese sword techniques at the In the Streets festival in Frederick, Maryland this weekend. The Seibukan is a traditional dojo in Frederick, Maryland teaching the arts of iaido (drawing and cutting in one motion), and kenjutsu (paired forms, as shown). The art of Tenshinsho Jigen Ryu is over 500 years old, originating from Satsuma, Japan. For more pictures, visit http://www.instagram.com/seibukandojo