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Many Types of Battou Noto, and some Suburi

Published by tjrseibukan_xl4x17 on

Thanks to Megan Kenshi for this video…

Battou Noto

  1. Kotai no battou noto
  2. Sonoba hidari mae battou noto
  3. Enshin no battou noto
  4. Migi mae no battou noto
  5. omote enten no battou noto
  6. ura enten no battou noto


  1. Tenchi no suburi
  2.  Enpi no suburi
  3. Okuri ashi
  4. Tsunagi ashi
  5. Tobi ashi
  6. Ichimonji no suburi

Please let me know if you heard something I missed in the video, and I’ll make a correction.

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